Buy Fentanyl patches 62mcg Online


What is Fentanyl?

It is an opioid drug – sometimes known as a narcotic. Specialists use it as an anesthesia to help reduce pain after surgery or any other medical procedure. Most people use it to relieve severe ongoing pain.


12.5 mcg/hr

Fentanyl per patch

1.25 mg

Patch Size


25 mcg/hr 2.5 mg 10cm2
50 mcg/hr 5.0 mg 20cm2
75 mcg/hr 7.5 mg 30cm2
100 mcg/hr 10.0 mg 40cm2

Quality Policy

Our mission at  our Pharmacy is to develop clinically effective, innovative and affordable Transdermal therapeutic products to improve the quality of life of patients in need of such therapies.

Our Pharmacy products are to meet international standards of quality.

We, as a Team, dedicate ourselves to achieve this objective by maintaining quality every stage and by complying with all current regulatory requirements.

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