We currently accept payment through bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash, and is very easy as a payment method. We choose it because it is secured, anonymous, and guarantees confidentiality during ordering.

How Do I Make A Purchase?

To make a purchase, simply select the items you would like to order and add them to your shopping bag. You can then proceed through the checkout process and make a secure online payment through bitcoins using your credit card (Visa, Debit, MasterCard & American Express)

Once you have successfully placed your order, you will receive an automatic email confirmation.

How to Pay Using Bitcoins

There are various Bitcoin broker sites but the ones we recommend our customers use are this site choose BTC Bitcoins), or

our bitcoin wallet address below


That’s a wallet address carefully copy and paste in the wallet address space and proceed.

Any difficulties with the payment you let us know okay

Once you get to either of these sites you have to proceed as below to get the bitcoins that you will use to make payment

1.1 Create an account using your email

1.2 Submit your ID for verification once your ID is successfully submitted and verified then you should be able to buy bitcoins

1.3 The amount of $ bitcoins you will buy will depend on the total cost of your order. Once the bitcoin is purchased, we will send you our bitcoin wallet address where you will have to send the bitcoins to and the payment process will be made complete

NB: Exceptionally when bitcoins doesn’t work as a payment method for a said client, we can apply a different method so the customer affects payment for the order but exceptionally our priority payment method is bitcoins.

Our online agents are always available to help customers affect their payments in a successful and non-complicated manner.





Text/WhatsApp: +1 (614) 379-3247

Payment with bitcoin is confirmed within 5 minutes and the order gets processed for shipment.


Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we ship discreetly with high sanitary conditions. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

With our delivery, we provide accurate tracking which enables you to track and situate your package during delivery from our shop to your address. This will in a bid give you a clue of the departure time and expected time of arrival at the final destination. We also provide tracking details In certain cases of same-day deliveries within countries or states.

We do not dispatch on weekends unless there are special considerations. If you have an urgent requirement to have an order shipped the same day but have missed this deadline, and it is before 16.30 pm then please call us and we may still be able to accommodate same-day dispatch.

Our shipping is 100% discreet, safe, and secure, in case we fail to deliver, we give a reship or send a second package. Shipping takes 24 hours within states and 1-2 days outside states and it may come sooner or later.

We deliver to France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, USA, Australia, Portugal, ASIAN countries, and many other countries worldwide.

The most important things customers are very concerned about our Quality and the Delivery of their products they order. For this reason, we have been redirecting most of our resources to ensure a fast and effective delivery schedule. By this way, we have special routes and stand-by agents in a bid to facilitate our deliveries.

We have long-term Contracts with the best couriers in the World such as UPS,FedEx,EMS and TNT. . Our warehouses are linked to all our major routes of delivery. We have been able to ensure a safe delivery worldwide limitless of any barriers.

All orders placed and paid for before 2 pm are shipped the same day, Monday to Friday.